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Affordable Care Act Glitches

The first year when Affordable Care Act was implemented, there were many system glitches that affected people who tried to access the health care website.  Issues range from server overload, server time out issues to getting wrong information from Federal database. [2013]

The second year has been much more smoother though there still exist some problems.  [2014].  Insurance providers for Affordable Care Act at first reported inaccurate addresses, duplicate addresses, or incorrect data with applications. This program is named 834 Transmission Error. This particular glitch has been corrected.

Additionally, the program identification for Medicare and other government aid was not working properly at first. Not all that were eligible for these benefits were being recognized and identified by the system. The tech team has also corrected this problem for Affordable Care Act.

Lastly, accessing the program has not always been easy and doing so required an unusually large amount of time. And if that was not bad enough, people were being kicked out of the application before they were finished, as well. All information would be lost if a consumer was kicked out of the application process before he or she was finished.

Affordable Care Act administrators feel they have a grasp on all of these issues. At this time, none of these problems are being reported.