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Special Enrollment Qualifying Events

You can only apply for Affordable Care Act / Obama Care during the open enrollment period. For 2013-2014 year, the open enrollment is from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.  Afterwards, the open enrollment is from Oct 15 to December 7.

If you experience a qualifying event, then you can apply for health insurance during the special enrollment.  Special enrollment period is usually 60 days from your qualifying event.

What is a Qualifying Event?

  • You become unemployed/layoff  or you experience reduction in the number hours of work
  • Change in income
  • Change in Marriage Status (Marriage / Divorce)
  • Change in Dependents (Birth of new baby, adoption)
  • You moved to a new state that has different insurance coverage
  • Basically any life-changing events

California Affordable Care Act Opens for Enrollment

The Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces opened on October 1, 2013 with much fanfare.  The marketplace suffered outages amid overwhelming traffic and technological glitches.

In California insurance marketplace, the exchange had more than 514,000 unique visitors on its Web site, and 7,700 applications were started on opening day.

California runs their own health insurance marketplace.