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Affordable Care Act Facts

There are many facets, as well as, facts pertaining to Affordable Care Act. Use this handy Facts sheet to keep your details straight concerning the Affordable Care Act. Because the Affordable Care Act will continue to roll out different parts of the plan until the year 2022, there will be changes and adjustments in the ACA program as it is fully implemented.

  • Obama Care, the Affordable Care Act (the ACA), and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the PPACA) are all the same act
  • The act was passed in March 23, 2010
  • The United State’s Congress upheld the Obama Care Act on June 28, 2012
  • President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act
  • The actual paperwork for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is well over 2700 pages long
  • The Affordable Care Act does no replace private insurance
  • The Affordable Care Act does not replace Medicare
  • The Affordable Care Act does not replace Medicaid
  • Affordable Care Act will not regulate your personal health care
  • The Affordable Care Act will be tiered and continue to roll out different parts of its program until the year 2022
  • The act prevents insurances from dropping you due to medical conditions or pre-existing medical conditions
  • Tax increases with Affordable Care Act affect people with high incomes (more than 200,00/individual or $ 250,000/family) and large businesses (those bringing in more than $250,000)
  • 85% of American people with health care insurance will have no impact
  • Many Americans will be impacted by changes to new limit amounts on medical tax deductions
  • A new tax is 2.3% tax on Medical Device Manufacturers (2014)
  • There will be a 10% tax on Indoor Tanning Services (2014)
  • There will be a Blue Cross/Blue Shield tax increase
  • There will be a new tax on brand name drugs
  • There will be an excise tax on charitable hospitals who do not adhere to Affordable Care Act requirements
  • More taxes may follow with time, but will not usually affect the average American
  • Women can’t be charged more than men are charged under Affordable Care Act
  • With Affordable Care Act, over 86 million people gain check-up and well-care services that did not formerly have
  • It is estimated that 5.3 million US seniors will be positively impacted with the closing of the Medicare “donut hole”
  • It is estimated that the law has provided coverage for 6.6 million young people because they can now remain on their parent’s plan until they turn 26
  • The act lets young people stay on their parent’s plans until they are 26 years old
  • The act protects you against unjustified insurance rate increases
  • The act expands parts of Medicaid insurance
  • The act mandates certain businesses to provide coverage
  • State marketplaces provide coverage
  • There are ten essential coverage needs met (such as hospital services, immunizations, well care, and pregnancy services)
  • There is no ceiling for Essential care
  • You can not be refused Essential care due to race, age, or gender
  • The 129 million people with pre-existing medical conditions will have the opportunity for medical health care insurance
  • Millions will be eligible for tax credits to make sure their health insurance is affordable
  • As of 2104, 360,00 businesses with two million employees have all ready benefitted from small business tax credits
  • Once Affordable Care Act is in full working speed, 18 million families and individuals will get health care tax credits averaging close to $4,000.00 each
  • Affordable Care Act requires you to get and keep insurance or to be penalized for every month you do not have it
  • You can enroll for your coverage at the state market places, by phone, or in some cases, in person
  • You must enroll during the window of enrollment, however, you can get emergency coverage, Medicaid coverage, and CHIPS coverage 365 days a year
  • The ten Essential benefits are:
  1. Emergency services (to the emergency room at the hospital) as well as the ambulance transportation
  2. Newborn care and maternity care-pre and post maternity care, as well as care for newborn babies
  3. Ambulatory care (outpatient services)-doctor’s office, clinic and same day surgery care
  4. Pediatric services
  5. Mental health care services as well as addiction treatment services
  6. Prescription drugs-medications the doctor prescribed to treat a condition or illness
  7. Treatment at the hospital-nurses, staff, tests, laboratory work
  8. Laboratory services-testing for diagnosis and monitoring of a condition
  9. Rehab devices and services-help recovering services and care
  10. Wellness services, preventive services, and then chronic disease treatments
  • You can keep your current insurance plan and you can purchase an insurance plan outside of the sate marketplaces
  • The uninsured rate has decreased
  • You can compare and select from many different plans at the State Marketplaces
  • Obama Care can give you the opportunity to appeal insurance company decisions
  • Medicare will remain strong for man years to come with Obama Care
  • There are five different “Metal” plans offered: Catastrophic, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze
  • You will need to keep the plan you sign up for during the entire time except for a few emergencies, you can then change or modify the plan during the next enrollment window
  • An emergency enrollment would consist of something like a loss of insurance coverage or a pregnancy
  • Emergency enrollments are handled case by case
  • If you have a business with more than 50 employees, you will need to have them covered by insurance by the year 2016

The list of facts concerning Affordable Care Act could fill a large book. President Obama, his administration, and Congress set out to make sure that the under insured and the uninsured, totaling well over 45 million people, would get the basic ten Essential pieces of health care coverage. This health care reform act was a great undertaking with many variables. It was important that some of the population did not lose benefits in an effort to bring the program to the table effectively. The list of facts will grow through the years and there will be changes and adjustments in Affordable Care Act in an effort to make American citizens as healthy as they can be.