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What is a State Exchange?

Question: What is a State Exchange?

Answer:  Eighteen states have the marketplaces. The Affordable Care Act helped develop these marketplace exchanges where people can go to find out about the different health care plans, use the calculators, and ultimately apply for reasonable, yet complete health care programs, The health care programs were developed in order to get coverage for those uninsured and underinsured in the United States.

States Which Currently have 100% Approved Marketplaces

California- http://www.coveredca.com/

Colorado- http://connectforhealthco.com/

Connecticut- http://www.ct.gov/hix/site/default.asp

District of Columbia- http://healthreform.dc.gov/DC/Health+Reform

Hawaii- http://www.hawaiihealthconnector.com/

Idaho- http://idahomarketplace.org/

Kentucky- https://kynect.ky.gov/

Maryland- https://www.marylandhealthconnection.gov/

Massachusetts- https://www.mahealthconnector.org/

Minnesota- https://www.mnsure.org/

Mississippi- https://www.onemississippi.com/

Nevada- https://www.nevadahealthlink.com/

New Mexico- http://www.nmhix.com/

New York- http://healthbenefitexchange.ny.gov/

Oregon- https://www.coveroregon.com//

Rhode Island- http://www.healthsourceri.com/

Utah- http://www.avenueh.com/

Vermont- https://portal.healthconnect.vermont.gov/VTHBELand/welcome.action

Washington- http://www.wahealthplanfinder.org/